Current Waiting List

All puppies for this year have deposits on them! I am now taking deposits for next year!

Congrats to these people who are waiting for their puppy to be born!

*Paola O either
*Brenda D- female
*Mike R- female
* Georgia J- female
* Bridget M- female
* Madyson H- male
* Amber P- female
* Jen R- female
*Brittany M- either
* Edlyn S- eithrt
* JoAnna M- female
* Heather T- female
* Chanice T- female
* Michelle T- female

* Jessica R- female

*Michelle R- male

*Tabetha N- either

*Kara B- female

*Toni Y- female

*Nena G- female

*Shirley G- female